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Tryouts are listed by date.  Fees are for the day of, or walk-on, and may be reduced if you pre-register with the team earlier.

For detailed information about location, date, time or fee of a tryout you're interested in click the relevant teams 'Link to Information'.

Most times listed are registration times ... not the start of the tryout.

* Arrive early
* Kickers should contact the team to ensure kicking tryouts are being held the same day as everyone else.
* If you are college eligible and attend a professional tryout you risk losing your college eligibility.
* As a US citizen you need to have a passport to play in the CFL or other International Leagues.
* Always remember ... It's easier to make a teams roster than keeping your starting position.  Improvement never ends.

Go for it,

Coach Z



                          Location & Time


       Link to Information

11/4/2017 AFL - Soul Pitman, NJ.     8am $80