Ode to Offensive Linemen

Running backs dance and running backs flirt,

while linemen crawl and eat dirt.

When game time comes backs run the ball,

with glory they get it all.

But when it's a hundred yards they gain,

it's the due to the linemen's sweat and pain.


If running backs cry when they see blood,

linemen hide theirs under mud.

Some backs have moves and others speed,

but spirit is all a lineman needs.

Backs are needed and some run fine,

but they'd be nothing without the line.


A running back may love many before he weds,

linemen only love their sleds.

The fans all see the backs run,

but few see what the line has done.

That's why those who know agree,

there's half a game the fans don't see.

 Hats off to the guys in the trenches.

 (author unknown)

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