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    Increase Leg Strength

Solid strength training tips to increase leg strength.

Six-Way Lunge with Weight


Start with a standard weight bar on your shoulders as if you were going to do a squat.  Then do a side lunge to your right - 90 degrees.  Come back to a standing position, then do another lunge with your right leg at 45 degrees.  Come back to a standing position again, and then do a regular lunge straight ahead, then come back to a standing position.  Then repeat these three steps on your left leg.  Once you feel comfortable with your balance add weight.

Box Step-ups with Weight

With two dumbbells in each hand, step up onto a box about 6" high.  Alternate stepping up with both legs, and also alternate which leg you step back down with.

Box Jumps


With your feet together jump onto a box and back off again as fast as you can for a timed repetition.  Challenge yourself to get as many contacts (times on the box) as you can during your set time period.  It is best to do two timed reps on a 6" box, then two more on a 12" box.  If you are comfortable with this you can even go to a higher box.

Hope this gives you a leg up on your competition ...
 Coach Z


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