Eight Attitudes of a Champion

Eight important characteristics that you need to be a champion ....

C = Calm Under Pressure

Frees you to focus on the quality of your performance rather than worry about the possible consequences.

H = Hard Worker

Promotes athletic progress since your skills are only fully developed when you continuously give your best effort.

A = Assertive

Unleashes your potential by giving you a positive approach as you meet challenges head on.

M = Modest Team Player

Frees you to be yourself without feeling the pressure of expectations from other people.

P = Prepared

Gives you confidence to be at your best, and to deal with all the circumstances.

I = Integrity

Helps you become a team leader both in and out of your sport involvement.

O = Optimistic

Positive attitudes produce positive actions, and consistent positive actions produce athletic improvement.

N = Never Give Up

Keep your focus sharp on what you set out to accomplish.  Helps you get the best results.

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