Defensive Line Technique Numbering

One common question is to explain the D-line Technique Numbering System.  With multiple systems and schemes defenses use the technique numbering basically remains consistent.  One key point is your linebackers understanding where your D-line is lining up.  Make certain communication for gap responsibility, stunts, and blitzing are clear between your D-line and backers.

If you want to win it all starts with dominating the line of scrimmage.  When your D-line lines up across from the offensive lineman they are told where to line up.  This is communicated in a numbered alignment technique.  Now don't confuse alignment technique numbers with attacking techniques.  Attacking techniques are the movements a D-lineman uses in penetrating the line of scrimmage from his numbered technique position.

The alignment technique system can have small variances but what is explained here is pretty much universal

Any even numbers are head up techniques with odd numbers and evens with 'i' shade alignments an inside shade.  A 6 technique is head up on the Tight End.  A 6i technique would be inside alignment on the Tight End.  Here's how it looks:


Another  example for an alignment technique system could be:

For simplicity the system below can be effective.  Eliminate the 'i' and if you play a Nose in your defensive scheme the inside shade to the center would have to be clarified.  It would look like this:


As you can see there are different ways to number your alignment techniques.  The most important issue is to make sure your players can understand and grasp where they are to line up.  The best way to insure that is by keeping it simple.

  Yours in football,
Coach Z 


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